The earth element , which manifests with earthquakes and causes tremors , is the same as in our being, that is why we are only strength and adventure. Know about earth courses at just web world.


The air element , which manifests with hurricanes and causes tornadoes , is the same as in our being, that is why we are only vertigo and adventure .


The water element , which manifests with tidal waves and causes storms , is the same as in our being, that is why we are only energy and adventure.


Rafting was created more than 5,000 years ago in southern Africa, by the natives of the region. It was used as a means of transport, to exchange food, tools, clothing and medicines between slightly distant towns and communities. By then it was practiced in slightly rustic canoes, made with pieces of wood, hence its name; Raft, which means raft.

To this day, Rafting has undergone many transformations, within them; the officialization of the river’s flowing sectors, called “rapid”. The rapids are classified into 6 levels according to their difficulty; the fast class 1 is the normal movement that carries the current of a river, the fast class 6 is the fastest and most dangerous of all the world, and in the middle are the class 2 – 3 – 4 and 5 rapids recommended for tourists.



Canyoning consists of crossing a stream of water against its current, generally it is practiced in ravines, rivers and / or canyons, hence its name.

In the practice of this sport, obstacles of great impact are crossed, such as: vacuum jumps, swimming in grounds, whirlpools, hollows, rapids, climbing, but all with the sole intention of ascending to the summit. The most attractive obstacle is without a doubt, having to cross the wonderful waterfalls, behind their waterfall or having to climb them while the water falls on our face and while they let all those species that live behind them and see them We never came to believe they were there, as is the case with freshwater crabs.



We do not know exactly when this sport began to be practiced, we only know that it was in the early sixties in California. It was the time of the Beach Boys who acclaimed in their songs the carefree and fun beach life.

This sport had a lot of boom in the mid-70s, but it went out of style and kept the image of a game for children. The “wave” that had come from the US Europe was almost lost. Only a small circle of “freaks” continued to practice it, even though the others laughed at them. In this “bump” was when the Skate evolved more. The skaters became marginal and a lifestyle was born. After many ups and downs now in the 90s the movement resurfaces and it is easy to find skaters on the street something strange a few years ago. Skate A fashion? Maybe, but hopefully it serves to consolidate Skate as a sport, a way of life, not a fashion.



6 Healthy Sports to Try in 2023

Have you decided it’s time for you to shape up and get healthy? Are you looking for some fun and healthy ways to get active this year? Looks no further!

Whether you’re a hardcore athlete or just getting back into the swing of things, here are 6 awesome sports that will keep your body in top shape while having an incredibly fun time. Get out of your comfort zone and try these amazing activities! You’ll never regret it.

Horse Racing

When it comes to trying out new sports, especially ones that are healthy ones that will keep you going through 2023, one of the first ones that you should look at is horse racing. While all levels of experience can enjoy horse racing, it is especially enjoyable for those that are new to the sport – both in terms of taking part and betting. The increasing availability of horse racing betting opportunities has made it much easier for fans to enter this area of sports betting. Additionally, with so much horse racing information and guides available at sites like British Racecourses, it is an exciting opportunity for many who would never have considered getting involved with this exciting event before.

Many people are under the impression that when it comes to riding a horse, the horse is doing all of the work and you are just sitting there guiding it.

However, this is not the case, and there is a lot of intense work that goes into it that can leave you feeling exhausted by the end of your training session or race. When it comes to trying a new sport, obviously you won’t go straight into competing and therefore won’t go straight into horse racing as opposed to just training on a horse.

The great thing about horse racing is that it is a low impact on your body which means that it is easy on your joints and muscles. For those who have any injuries or health conditions that make high-impact activities like running or jumping painful or difficult, horse riding is a great alternative.


Another fantastic sport to get into when you are trying to get healthy and exercise more often is running. Running is a sport that is completely free to participate in, and you can go simply from your own home around your neighborhood, run on a treadmill, or even find a track to run around.

Running is a high-intensity sport that can help you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health immensely. In addition to this, running can also help build strong bones and muscles over a longer period of time. Running is a great sport to do on your own, with a partner, or in a group.


If you’re willing to put a little bit of money into your new sport, cycling is the next best thing. Cycling is a great way to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. The best part about cycling is that it is a low-impact sport that is easy on your joints and muscles and can therefore be enjoyed by people of all ages.

If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular health and increase your muscle strength, cycling is a great sport to try out. It offers overall health improvement and targets your full body as opposed to individual muscles.


If you are looking for something more calming and peaceful, as opposed to high impact and high energy, yoga might be exactly what you need. Yoga is a fantastic way for one to improve flexibility, balance, and even muscle strength.

Not only that, but yoga is also something that can help you to improve your joint health, and even increase your range of motion.


Similarly to yoga, Pilates is a very low-impact and calming form of exercise. However, you shouldn’t doubt its difficulty, as it can give you a real run for your money. Pilates is a great way to improve flexibility, muscle strength, and posture.

Pilates is also known to help improve your joint health, and even increase your range of motion if you stick to it consistently.

Tai Chi

Last but not least, the final way that you can go about improving your health through sport this year is to try out Tai Chi. Tai chi is also a sport that is known as shadow boxing and falls part of mixed martial arts.

Although it is a type of martial art, it does not involve heavy contact or striking. Instead, it is a great way to improve your balance, flexibility, and your muscle strength. In addition to that, it is also a great way to reduce stress levels and even promote relaxation.


All Of The Health Benefits Of Playing A Sport And Being Active

Health Benefits

Are you someone who is looking to take up a new sport? Do you want to know a sport that will best fit you? look at this site. Well, if you are, I think that it’s great news indeed. You should totally take up a new sport because when you start playing a sport, you will see that your body is experiencing so many amazing changes and even more improvements. Playing a sport is like a sure way to boost immunity and also boost your metabolism. Have you taken a look at professional athletes? They are in great shape because they will have to go through rigorous training to get to where they are. Open this


A lot of us think that just taking a walk around our neighbourhood is sufficient to lose weight and be fit. Well, while walking is certainly a great way to get some fresh air and also a great way to warm up, it should be used as just a warm-up to a much more intense training exercise which will help you tone your body and it will also you become really fit as well. A lot of people do not feel too great running on a treadmill, and that is why they should start running near parks and other places that will help you get pumped for the running and the exercising. 


Taking a sport will also improve your overall general health and well being because it will help with the strengthening of bones, improving stamina, and also it will make very flexible as well. But still, according to ekurd.net, you should also engage in brain games exercises to enhance your way of thinking. I will now list out some more reasons why taking up a sport is one of the best decisions that you have made. 


  • It will help you reduce your body weight, and it will also reduce the amount of fat in your body. 
  • Most sports will allow you to gain some satisfaction in life by giving you fitness skills. 
  • Sports will also help you very well when you want to fight depression and anxiety as well. It can help you be a more outgoing and also extroverted person. 
  • Sports can help you bring you out of your shell. 
  • Sports will help you challenge yourself, and they will help you set goals as well.
  • Most sports will help you improve your stamina and concentration as well. 
  • They will help you experience the highs and the lows of losing and winning. 
  • Sports will help you get off your butt and get fit. It will not give you an option for laziness. When you start playing, you will naturally stop being lazy, and you will start doing things that you previously were too lazy to do. 
  • It will give you a healthier lifestyle.



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