Melgar Tolima

Day 1. Sport climbing – Paintball – Ostrich Race – Soldier for one day.

Arrive very early in Melgar. Accommodation and installation in the hotel. Presentation and technical instruction by our adventure staff. After our previous installation, we will begin the adventure in the municipality of Melgar, in a concentration camp for extreme sports.

Our first objective is sport climbing. An 18 meter high wall will make us shake and sweat our hands and will be just the mouthpiece of this incredible day of adventure. After climbing, we headed to the battlefield, with the intention of completely eliminating the rest of the team. Our mission will be to play PaintBall and defeat every enemy in front of us, including the Adventure Staff of Extreme Colombia. Lunch.

After that morning full of adventure, we prepare to climb aboard an animal as fast as the wind and capable of bursting with excitement by exceeding speeds of up to 70 Kms per hour. The goal is to form several small teams and make ostrich races, to finally decorate an absolute champion.

And finally, to close our first day of adventure with a flourish, we will become soldiers for a day. A fun experience to the rhythm of a military game, with voices of command and with a lot of obstacles to overcome, with the intention of living for a moment that military experience of our beloved Colombian soldiers, in charge of trainers of the military base of Tolemaida .

Day 2. Rafting – Torrentismo.

Breakfast. In the early morning, we will begin the tour in the direction of Melgar, towards the site known as “The Devil’s Nose”. Our first objective is known as Rafting and basically consists of entering the imposing waters of the Sumapaz River, to challenge the demanding class III and class IV rapids, formed by the aggressive flow of its waters. Definitely a roller coaster in the water that is worth boarding. Lunch. In the afternoon, after our first odyssey, we will try to arrange our mind and our spirit to descend two waterfalls over 40 meters high, with the option of going down the last section, jumping 9.70 meters to fall into an 8 meter well depth. Back to the hotel.
Return to the city of origin -Bogotá-