San Agustín Huila

Day 1. San Agustín Archeological Park – Torrentismo.

Arrive very early in San Agustín. Accommodation and installation in the hotel. Breakfast. Presentation and technical instruction by our adventure staff. After our previous installation, we begin our challenge.

In the morning we head towards the most representative site of the entire municipality. San Agustin Archaeological Park a truly sacred place, for its history and its thousands of years of secrets. In addition, considered as the largest and most important archaeological testimony in Colombia. It has more than 300 sacred statues, temples, tombs, sarcophagi and symbols built over 2,500 years ago (300 BC).

Once there, we will visit its most beautiful places, its monuments and we will go back thousands of years to the past, to try to understand the amazing mysteries contained behind this fantastic indigenous novel. Lunch.

In the afternoon we headed towards our second adventure, the Torrentismo a challenging odyssey in the middle of a quite special water channel. We begin the tour by jumping 4.50 meters, with the intention of falling into a well of 3 meters deep, we swim and then, just a few steps away, we see the water fall through a majestic waterfall 60 meters high that will serve us as stage to have fun for a while (a controlled descent, with ropes and safety mechanisms designed for people without experience). Dinner.

Day 2. Horseback riding – Archaeological Exploration – Rafting.

Breakfast. In the morning, very early, a large number of beautiful horses await us at the exit of our hotel, who will accompany us on our Cavalcade , with the intention of going in search of many other archaeological treasures lost in the mountains of Huila.

Our Archaeological Exploration will lead us to exactly four archaeological complexes, of great historical importance and that represent the four most strategic points in the entire celestial location of these giant stone characters.

On our tour, we will stop to explore the following archaeological complexes; The Boarda complex with five statues of different origins, among which a huge female figure stands out. La Chaquira perhaps the most impressive site in San Agustín. It has several figures, which constantly look in adoration towards the deep canyon of the Magdalena River and the rising sun around. La Pelota a hill, named for its rounded conformation. It houses a complex with three statues, two of them anthropomorphic. The Purutal is a complex known as the High Crosses, Alto de la China y el Perico, where a sacred priest’s tomb remains and the only statues found so far, built with natural colors. Lunch.

In the afternoon, we finish our cultural mission and we are ready to face the fastest and most abundant challenge of our expedition, Rafting a tour of the strongest and funniest roller coaster of all Colombian rivers, this time on the imposing Magdalena River. This river acquires great speeds that classify its rapids in class III, class III pluss and the incredible class IV. A true extreme adventure that is worth living. Funny or not ?, judge you!
Return to the city of origin Bogotá.

Day 3. Archaeological tour in Jeep.

Breakfast. In the morning we will leave for a really fun new experience. It is a Jeep Tour through the most representative places of San Agustín and its surrounding villages, knowing from the most giant waterfalls to the most distant archaeological complexes in the region.

Our fun tour includes the following stations; Strait of Magdalena is the only section throughout Colombia, where the gigantic Magdalena River is reduced to just 2.20 meters wide. Obando archaeological complex where you can see two statues in the main square. Famous place for its typical dish; the roasted guinea pig.Petroglyphs of the Strait a magical place immersed in a hill that borders the Magdalena River and famous for its pre-engraved stones that indicate the strategy of the place for fishing of that primitive sculptor town. Salto de Bordones a spectacular and spectacular water fall of approximately 400 meters high. Alto de las Piedras archaeological complex that houses four sculptures and several tombs. There is perhaps the largest and most spectacular sculpture in the entire archeological zone, the Double I. Alto de los Idolos one of the most important places in the upper Magdalena for its artificial mounds, its monolithic sarcophagi and its painted tombs, as well as for the admirable adaptation of land. Salto del Mortiñoanother wonder of nature in the form of a waterfall and with a majestic waterfall over 170 meters high. Lunch. Return to the hotel to pack. Return to the city of origin Bogotá