Suesca Cundinamarca

Day 1. Sport climbing – Rappel – Cave exploration – Frisbie.

Arrival very early in Suesca. Presentation and technical instruction by our adventure staff.

We begin our expedition, entering the largest climbing park in Colombia … a rock cliff with more than 400 climbing routes (in all modalities), which have formed the best climbers and promises in our country.

In this incredible scenario we start the oldest sport in the world and also one of the most fun for adults and children, climbing. We will have very simple routes enabled for newbies and some a bit strong for lovers of this sport or for professionals in the field.

Each person will have the right to make several ascents of different levels of difficulty at different types of height. Lunch.

After this, we are ready to end our day of adventure, practicing a true sport of vertigo and height called rappelling (controlled descent with ropes and safety mechanisms), in a wonderful place known as the virgin’s roof, the perfect place to face and overcome our most hidden fears, as we fly clinging to a descent line, which ensures our adventure.

For lovers of darkness and the mysterious, we will have a part of our time available, to enter an impressive Grotto or Cave embedded in the same rock cliff, we can also play frisbie with the ultimate discs that the instructors give us.
Fun or not? Judge you! Return to the city of origin Bogotá.
Suesca Cundinamarca a risk worth taking.