Villa de Leyva Boyaca

Day 1. Canyoning – Torrentismo – Caving – Astronomy .

Arrive very early in Villa de Leyva. Accommodation and installation in the hotel. Breakfast. Presentation and technical instruction by our adventure staff. After our previous installation, we begin our challenge.

In the morning we head towards a place known as the Periquera where we will start our first adventure.

Canyoning tour through the canyon of the periquera and against the imposing forces of its waters, crossing the most fun natural obstacles, with the intention of reaching the first of the seven waterfalls where we will practice our second adventure.

Torrentismo on our arrival we find a majestic waterfall of more than 30 meters high that will serve as a stage to begin the development of this incredible sport. There are seven waterfalls on the site, so it is possible to practice this sport on more than one occasion.

TrekkingAfter having burned a bit of adrenaline and having known five of the waterfalls that form in this canyon, we return all over the edge of the mountain to appreciate the spectacular beauty that adorns these Buoyá lands. Lunch.
Caving this will be the first installment of cave exploration, in a cave known as “the cave of the goblin” where in fact, there is a rare paranormal entity that intimidates its visitors. Back to the hotel. Dinner.

Astronomical observationIn the night we move to a mysterious place known and badly called by the Boyacenses as “El Infiernito”. It is actually the astronomical observatory of the Muiscas. A quite special place, where the remains of some Muiscas priests still rest in a tomb or pantheon of 15 m2 and most importantly, some phalluses or columns in stone that accurately determine the cycles of the moon, the solstices, the equinoxes, the days and months of the year, and that also align perfectly with the stars and constellations, drawing between the sky and the earth, a straight line in the direction of the Iguaque lagoon, where according to the Muiscas the beginning of humanity and the famous Bachué legend.

Amazing or not? ….. well believe it!

Day 2. Caving – Hole de la Romera – Paso del Ángel

Breakfast. In the morning we headed to the municipality of Santa Sofía, with the intention of practicing in a very fun way our second delivery of Caving the Cave of the Factory receives us with a quite particular entrance, it is a hole in the ground of 8 meters, we will have to descend rappelling. Then, inside the cave, we will go through its most beautiful tunnels, we will climb, we will crawl, we will get wet and we will cross a lot of obstacles, but always in the company of its most famous visitors “the bats”

Angel Pass this site is known by this name in a metaphor way and according to the interpretation that each one wants to give. It is an edge of mountains that we will have to cross through its summit, the mystery is in crossing a road of approximately four meters, but with a width of only 40 centimeters, having an abyss of more than 250 meters side by side Tall. Feeling of vertigo and adrenaline, judge you!

Day 3. Laguna de Iguaque Sanctuary

Breakfast. In the morning we will leave for one of the most important sites in the region and of course in Colombia. The mysterious, magical and energetic sanctuary of the Iguaque lagoonconformed, in fact, by eight lagoons at more than 3,600 meters of altitude and according to the Muiscas, considered the cradle of life. The story of Bachué was born from this wonderful place thousands of years ago, the woman who left the bottom of the lagoon with a child in her arms, who later became her husband and gave rise to humanity, to finally become snakes and throw yourself at the bottom of the lagoon, where still, according to the legend, they still live. Also important, for its energy load, for its real meaning and for its perfect alignment with the constellations and the phalluses built by the Muiscas at the time.

Really a mysterious site, which involves millions of years of secrets and is truly worth knowing. Lunch. Afternoon free to know the fossil of the “Cronosaurius” and to explore the streets of Villa de Leyva. Dinner. Return to the city of origin Bogotá